Ninja The Monster

Ninja The Monster

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Swan Song

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The time is midst of the samurai era when Ninja were considered a threat and outlawed by the government. They were thought to be extinct where peace was maintained by the Shogunate except for the ones who escaped and survived. To save her small clan where the famine continues, a beautiful princess Koh is heading to Edo (present Tokyo) with her men including Denzo who is an ex-ninja whose true identity has been hidden. Suddenly, they encounter an unidentified monster in a forest which they need to cross past in order to arrive in Edo in time to meet the Shogun. As the monster attacks them, Denzo protects Koh and the two manage to escape, but none of her other men survive. Koh starts to question his true identity and why Denzo risks his life to protect her. Can he protect her from the horrendous monster and bring her to Edo safely before time runs out?

< CAST >
Denzo: Dean Fujioka
Princess Koh : Aoi Morikawa
Choemon : Sohkoh Wada
Hikijuro : Takahiro Nakajima
Village Leader : Rantaro Mine

Director : Ken Ochiai
Executive Producer: Toshihiro Takahashi
Producer : Shuhei Akita
Associate Producers : Kiwamu Sato , Fumi Teranishi
Screenwriter : Akihiro Dobashi
Director of Photography : Chris Freilich
Music: Hendrik Willemyns
Lightning Designer : Toshinori Ekawa
Production Designer : Michitoshi Kurokawa
Production Sound Mixer : Kenji Yamamoto
Editor : Chieko Suzaki
VFX Supervisors: Tadao Mihashi , Ryoji Takai
Character Designer : Sei Nakashima